10 Tips to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency

If you are like most of the working population, you are busy with an endless to-do list. That’s why sudden, impromptu situations at home drive you insane. Unforeseen plumbing emergencies are an example of a residential issue that you don’t have time to handle. On top of that, emergency issues can require costly repairs and after-hour rates.


The good news is that you can use very effective and practical strategies to avoid common plumbing emergencies. Let’s explore!


Different Ways to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies


Here are some easy tips to follow to help you avoid the most common plumbing emergencies:


1.   Avoid Putting Things Down Your Drains


Many of the plumbing issues we see come from clogged drains filled with all kinds of waste items that do not belong there. Cotton balls, oil, toothpicks, tissues, and plastic bags are some items you simply shouldn’t throw down the drain. Throwing thick substances like oils can build up and clog your pipes, wreaking havoc on your entire plumbing system.


2.   Get Regular Plumbing Inspections


Routine plumbing service allows a professional to examine your drains, plumbing fixtures, and pipes to check for potential damage. An easy and affordable maintenance service can help you identify minor issues before becoming a significant problem with your plumbing system.


3.   Keep an Eye Out for Leaks


Keep an eye on your fixtures. Identifying minor leaks before they overflow can cut back on the unnecessary stress that comes with having a significant leak in your home.


4.   Choose a Reliable Plumbing Company


Before a problem arises, you should have a reliable plumbing company on hard to call in an emergency. When you need professional repairs, contact a reliable company to help.


5.   Don’t Try to Fix Things Yourself


If you think you have a plumbing issue, it’s vital to avoid DIY fixes. This can just cause more damage. Always have a reliable plumber to call in for emergencies. Trying to fix faucets and pipes on your own may just overcomplicate the situation and lead to more costly repairs.


6.   Avoid Harsh Drain Chemicals


Harsh chemicals can undoubtedly work their way through thick clogs. However, they can cause more damage. These can eat away at plastic water pipes and completely ruin your plumbing system.


7.   Drain Your Water Heater Tank to Empty Sediment Build-Up


Over time sediment build-up can cause high water pressure that can result in bursting water pipes. Although this is rare, you should drain your water heater every once in a while to remove sediment and avoid many common issues.


8.   Invest in Kitchen Sink Drainers


Kitchen sink drainers can come in handy by collecting the gunk kitchen sinks usually collected before entering into your drainage system and creating a clog.


9.   Your Toilet is Not a Trash Can


Many people flush away tissue papers, pills, diapers, and even pet fish, hoping that they will go away.  This is not always the case, as these can seriously damage the drains underground and block your toilet drains altogether.


10.                Do Not Hang Things on Pipes


Many homeowners take advantage of low-hanging pipes as a great place to hang clean laundry. However, this can put pressure on your pipes and lead to significant damage. Avoid hanging anything on your pipes.


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