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Outdoor Birthday Party Checklist

Planning a birthday party can be so fun! Don’t get caught up on the small details, because your (or your child’s, spouse’s, sibling’s) birthday party is entirely what you make of it! Here is a checklist with some of the basics when it comes to planning outdoor birthday party festivities, so you can make sure everything is taken care of!


  • Pick a theme! Are you going for a certain color? Certain cartoon or movie? How about a certain era? There are many cool themes to go for, and they can help narrow down on decorations as well. Some of the most popular themes for birthday parties include: Hollywood, Casino night, popular kids shows and movies, 70s, etc.
  • Decorations! After picking a theme, decorations is the next step into making your outdoor birthday party dazzle. Go wild with streamers, balloons, banners, flowers, fabrics, and other themed decorations. If you are going for a Hollywood theme, you could do star banners and movie studio props. For a 70s party, you could do mini disco balls and lots of tie-dye accents.
  • Food! Food is an essential for every party. Having the birthday boy/girl’s favorite foods can be fun, but you’ll also want to offer snacks and treats for a variety of guests to enjoy. Pizza, barbecue, and tacos are some of the most popular menu choices for birthday parties.
  • Activities! Have a trivia game, scavenger hunt, movie screening, dance-off, and other fun activities to keep guests entertained. A special game corner is always popular, as well as a kids’ activity table with arts and crafts.
  • Lighting! It’s no fun trying to do a planned activity when the sun sets and you don’t have good lighting. Make sure to incorporate string lights, candles, lanterns, or other lighting accents to provide a glow to your celebration as the evening settles in.
  • Tables and chairs! Have all the tables and chairs rented out for your guests, along with backups if you have more guests than planned.
  • Coolers and trays! It’s practical to have a variety of coolers and trays to keep food organized and drinks ice-cold. Having a special food corner can be perfect to have a one-stop area where guests can go for food and drink replenishment.
  • Happy hour! For the adult guests or adult birthday star, having a bar situation can be a fun treat! Have a variety of spirits, mixers, and garnishes, so guests can play bartender.
  • Be prepared for rain! You never know when rain will strike, but you don’t want to be caught in a storm during your celebration. The best solution is to rent tents for all your event areas.


If you are interested in an outdoor birthday party, there are many choices to make that can boost your celebration! If you are searching for professional tent rentals in Newport Beach, let Town & Country Event Rentals provide for you. An outdoor birthday party is a great chance to celebrate with all your loved ones, so be prepared and enjoy!