5 Chic Yard Fence Designs

When looking at fencing ideas for the yard, homeowners sometimes like to look for a fence that can be a statement for the house. Usually a homeowner wants a fence that both has functionality as well as a pleasant design for the onlooker to see.

Here are 5 different chic designs for yard fencing.

  1. Metal Fencing

Metal fences are incredibly easy to design as well as perfect to create that nice chic feeling of the house and yard. Most metal fencing is creed from wrought iron, but the best alternative for this type of metal is aluminum. Metal fencing, while not usually creating a private feel to the yard, allows for great flow of water, sun, and air throughout the yard. Some maintenance that comes with these fences may be repainting every once and a while, but other than that, it’s pretty easy.

  1. Gabion Wall

To describe this kind of fencing, it is a retaining wall made of wire that is filled to the top with stones of all shapes and sizes. Homeowners and fence builders typically combine this fence type with wooden paneling to give a strong contrasting effect, allowing it to be beautiful and chic. Some stones that would be perfect would be cobblestones or other large stones, as well as local rocks from around the area to make the fencing cohesive with the landscaping around it.

  1. Climbers Wall Fence

This fencing is perfect for a flowy nice feel that fits well with any yard. This fence is typically made by positioning lattice work between wooden slats to create a beautiful type of fencing. It is also perfect if one would like to add in climbing plants, like vines, to create an earthy feel to the year. It is very important to make sure that the fence is sturdy so that when plants do start climbing up the fence.

  1. Black Horizontal Slats

This fence type is another form of decorative, sleek fencing. This fencing is typically a metal fencing that has periodical horizontal black slats. These slats are typically made of wood, but can also be made of stone. This fence creates a very contrasting feel to the green of any yard and plants. It’s a type of fencing that is often used in modern architecture to help wrap the yard in with the modern feel of the house.

  1. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fences are great to bring together a very green and open backyard. The light color of the bamboo contrasts well with the greens and darker colors that are within the yard. These fences usually have a wooden frame to bring the seamlessness of fencing together. The fence also needs to be inserted into a concrete base to make sure that the fence remains stable and upright since bamboo is a very light material.

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