5 Common Well and Pump Problems

Compared to city or public water sources, well water sources are susceptible to many more issues. Chemical treatments, exposure to natural minerals, and problems with your water source can all create an issue for your water well. If you use a well as your water source, it’s vital to maintain it.


Several issues can arise with your water well and pump. Let’s take a closer look.


5 Common Well and Pump Problems


Here are five common problems individuals face with water wells and some solutions to help you fix them.


1.   No Water


Having no water is a common problem with wells. But just because you don’t have water doesn’t mean your well has become dry. There are several reasons why customers contact a local plumber with a no water call. Lack of water can occur because of a tripped circuit breaker that connects to the water well pump. If this is the case, you can simply flip the breaker switch. Another possible reasons for the no water are connection issues. In the summer, water levels can fall below the water pump table. To prevent this, you can try decreasing your water use for a few days during sweltering days. If you have this issue frequently, you should talk to your local plumber for a solution.


2. Cloudy Water


If your water starts to look cloudy or muddy, it’s likely because of a sinking water table. When your water pump attempts to pull from shallow water, it can bring in silt, sand, and other contaminants into your water supply. Cloudy muddy can also be a sign that your pump is having issues with filtration. Keep an eye on how your water looks and call a plumber immediately if you notice these signs.


3. Foul Tasting or Smelling Water


Decayed or rusted well equipment can cause your water to taste or smell funny. Another common cause of foul-tasting or smelling water is the buildup of natural bacteria or changes in your soil. If you notice this problem, contact a local plumber immediately to test the quality of your water.


4. Low Water Pressure


If your water is sputtering or coming out slowly, there might be a problem with your well. If you notice that your water isn’t flowing as it usually would, you could have issues with your well or your water pump. Low water pressure is more of a nuisance than it is a health issue. Still, you should contact your local plumber for repairs to avoid further damage.


5. High Utility Bills


If your utility bills are higher than the average bill and there’s no apparent reason for the increase, you might need to have your well or water pump checked. When there’s an issue with your water pump, it may constantly be running. This can lead to excessive energy bills. To prevent high bills and further damage to your investment, you should call a local plumber immediately for repairs.


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