9 Things Not to Sell to a Pawnshop

You can easily sell or pawn most of your valuables at your local pawnshop. Pawnshops typically buy anything that holds value. This includes gold, jewelry, electronics, household items, and other valuable products. While there are no specific rules and regulations regarding selling items to pawnshops, there are some items you are shouldn’t try to sell to a pawnshop.


From items that can’t legally be accepted to those that pawnshops no longer take, let’s discuss some things you shouldn’t try to sell to a local pawnshop.


Don’t Waste Your Time Trying to Sell These Items to Your Local Pawnshop


Here is a list of nine things that you shouldn’t waste your time trying to sell to a pawnshop:


1.   Illegal Items


While this might seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people try to sell illegal items to their local pawnshop. If you do try to sell illegal items to your local pawnshop, you can face legal repercussions. Drugs, passports, illegal weapons, hazardous waste material, or any other illegal items shouldn’t be brought to your local pawnshop to be sold.


2. Stolen Items


One of the biggest misconceptions about pawnshops is that they are willing to accept stolen items. Pawnshops are obliged to follow all the rules and regulations set by local law enforcement regarding stolen items. Since most states require pawnshops to keep a close tab of all items they bring in through a database that can be researched by the local police, there’s little chance you can get away with selling stolen items to your local pawnshop.


3. VCR


In today’s world of substantial technological advances, online streaming sites and smart TVs make it each to watch movies, drama series, and TVshows. Popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon make VCRs a vintage item. Therefore, VCRs are considered to have no value at this point and are not accepted by pawnshops.


4. Box TVs


Like VCRs, box TVs no longer have any use in today’s society. While high-resolution and smart TVs can carry a lot of value, box TVs hold no value at this point. That’s why it is rare that a pawnshop would accept a box TV.


5. Mattresses


Secondhand mattresses might be accepted at the local donation drop, but you shouldn’t bother bringing them to your local pawnshop. They simply won’t take them.


6. Cassette Players


Like box TVs and VCRs, cassette players no longer carry any value. With streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon music available on every cellphone, cassette players are undoubtedly an item of the past.


7. Old Baby Cribs


Old baby cribs made before the mid of 2010s no longer meet safety regulations. Therefore, while some pawnshops will accept your old baby items, older cribs are not accepted by any local pawnshops.


8. Older Cellphones


Flip phones hold no value these days. Even some older smartphones have lost their value. Since a new version of the traditional smartphone comes out at every turn, most pawnshops won’t accept outdated electronics.


9. VHS Tapes


With the termination of VCRs, there is no point in VHS tapes. Not only do they hold no value, people simply don’t have a place to play them anymore. That’s why you shouldn’t bother bringing these to your local pawnshop.

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