Cleaning Linoleum Tile

Cleaning linoleum tile

How to Clean Linoleum Tile

There are many different methods to cleaning linoleum tile. You can use vinegar, borax, or commercial cleaners. You can also deep clean the linoleum tile by using a commercial cleaner. Follow the tips below to clean your linoleum tile.


You can use borax to clean linoleum tile, metal, and more. This white powder sanitizes surfaces, fights stains, and eliminates grease. Borax is inexpensive, too, costing less than $2 per 35 ounce container. One box can handle nearly a dozen cleaning jobs.


Vinegar and baking soda are two common cleaning agents that can be used to clean linoleum tile floors. Both are effective at removing stains and grime, and can also be used to make a paste that you can apply to the floor.

Commercial cleaners

Linoleum flooring is one of the easiest types of floors to maintain. It requires little to no maintenance and requires few cleaning supplies. You can use your existing supplies to maintain your linoleum floors. Here are a few tips for a squeaky-clean linoleum floor:

Deep-cleaning linoleum tile

Deep-cleaning linoleam flooring can improve the appearance and durability of your floors. There are several different cleaning techniques to deep clean linoleum floors, including vinegar, baking soda, and a microfiber cloth. You may also want to consider buying commercial floor cleaning solutions or creating a homemade floor cleaner from basic household ingredients.

Lack of sunlight

A lack of sunlight can cause yellow stains to appear on linoleum tile. To remove yellow stains, place the affected area in direct sunlight. Make sure to remove rugs from the area that will be exposed to the sunlight. The length of exposure time will depend on the severity of the stain.

Using a linoleum-specific cleaner

If you have a linoleum floor, cleaning it regularly is essential for maintaining its beautiful finish. It is susceptible to scrapes and scuff marks, which can cause it to look worn down. Using a linoleam-specific cleaner can ensure that the floor looks fresh and new.

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