How to Avoid Hair Clogs in Your Drains

One of the biggest causes of drain clogs comes from small pieces of hair that go down your drain and build up over time. Drain clogs from hair can create severe damage to your plumbing system. It’s essential to avoid hair buildup in your drain if you want to prevent severe damage to your plumbing system.


Here are some tips and tricks you can adopt to prevent your drains from getting clogged and fix them if the issue arises quickly.


Preventive Measures to Prevent Hair Clogs in Drains


Here are some easy tricks that may help you out avoid clogs in your drains. Following these steps can help you prevent significant damage and costly repairs.


Take these steps to prevent drain clogs from hair buildup.


1.   Install Drain Covers


You can install drain covers in your bathtubs and showers to prevent different items from moving down your drain. These can be either removable or permanently installed. You can get them at most hardware supply stores and even some grocery stores. Drain covers can do a great job of preventing your hair from flowing down the drain and getting caught. There are even some drain covers that are specifically built to handle hair accumulation.


2.   Remove Hair from Your Drain Immediately


No matter what remedies you are using to prevent clusters of broken hair in your bathroom drain, some hairs still make their way down your drain, sometimes blocking it completely. Remove any built-up hair that gets stuck on your drain cover immediately. If a clump of hair makes its way down your drain before you can grab it, use a wired clip to pull the cluster of hair out of your pipes and unblock your drain.


3.   Flush Your Drain with Water or Cleaner


No matter what is stuck into your drain, whether it is a cluster of hair or other built-up debris, you typically unclog minor blockages by flushing your drain with high water pressure or using a cleaner to break down debris. Before you use a chemical treatment, talk to your local plumber for advice.


4.   Brush Your Hair Before You Shower


Another great way to avoid drain clogs is to brush your hair before you get in the shower. This will help gather loose hairs and keep them from making their way into your drain. While you might still shed some strands, the majority of your loose hairs will already be taken care of before they have the chance to make it into your drains.


5.   Grab a Plunger


Plungers are not restricted to clogged toilets. They can also be very effective in flushing minor blockages through your pipes. You can put the plunger over your shower drain and use the force to push the blockage through the pipes.


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