Importance of Scheduling a Sewer Inspection

Your sewer system is one of the most critical systems in your home. Still, most owners take their sewer system for granted. Think about how often you think about your sewer system throughout the year. For most people, these systems don’t even cross their minds until a significant problem occurs.


While checking your sewer system might not be on the top of your list, it’s wise to schedule routine inspections to avoid any severe problems. Any home over 20 years old should have regular sewer inspections at least once a year. This is because several sewer line issues can occur as your home ages. Letting them go can result in significant damage to your property.


Scheduling a routine sewer inspection saves you money, time, and aggravation by preventing expensive repairs in the future. Let’s take a closer look at some of the additional benefits of plumbing inspections!


Scheduling a Sewer Inspection


Regular maintenance of your sewer line can prevent severe property damage and costly repairs. Here are some additional advantages to routine inspections:


1.   Prevent Minor Issues from Progressing


Sadly, plumbing problems are often discovered after significant damage has occurred. However, routine inspections can offer a proactive approach to plumbing repairs. Your annual sewer inspection can identify minor issues, especially those that aren’t easily visible. Once your plumber detects these problems, they can provide immediate, affordable repairs to avoid more severe damage.


Your plumbing inspection can quickly identify cracks, clogs, and other blockages in your pipes in the least invasive way. Thanks to today’s technology, most plumbers perform your plumbing system inspection using a small camera. This allows them to get a closer look inside your pipes without tearing up your property. You can also perform routine cleaning to eliminate buildup and restore your pipes and drains to their original condition during your inspection.


2.   Prevent Tree Root Damage


Tree roots and bushes can also cause damage to your sewer line when their roots invade your underground pipes. That’s why regular sewer inspections can help you avoid these significant issues. If you have trees or small plants near your sewer lines, routine inspections are a must. A plumber can tell you whether any roots have or can potentially invade your sewer drains and cause significant damage. You can then take steps to manage these issues before they require costly repairs.


3.   Saves You Money


Routine drain inspections can easily prevent damage to your plumbing system. Unseen problems in your pipes can quickly progress, causing costly damage to your home. Water and sewer damage can ruin your belongings, decrease your home’s air quality, and negatively impact your health. Backups can also damage your walls, flooring, and other interior components, resulting in costly repairs and replacement expenses. Regular drain inspections will help you prevent these expensive problems, saving you substantial money over time.


4.   Prevent Blockages


Sewer lines carry a variety of substances like oil, grease, and other waste. When these substances clog your drains and pipes, the result can be catastrophic. Drains get clogged or obstructed over time. It often happens so slowly that you don’t even realize it until a significant problem occurs. Aside from slowing down your drains, clogs emit foul odors that can impact your health. Regular plumbing inspections can keep your drains clean and prevent blockages that require more costly repairs.


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