Interesting Facts About Wasps

Wasps are winged insects with narrow and thin waists. These pesky insects don’t just scare people, but they can also cause injury. They are typically yellow-colored with black stripes on their body.


Wasps have a stinger that they can use multiple times in their life. Their sting contains a poisonous substance called venom that enters the human body and causes pain, irritation, and other allergic issues. Unlike other insects, wasps do not die after stinging.


If you have a life-threatening allergy to wasps, you should know as much as you can about these prevalent insects.


15 Interesting Facts About Wasps


Here are some interesting facts about wasps:


  1. Wasps are found everywhere in the world except Antarctica. They cannot survive in extreme weather conditions. Since very few flowering plants are found in Antarctica, there is no way for wasps to surprise in the cold terrain.
  2. There almost 30,000 species of wasps discovered so far. The most common species include Bald-Face Hornet Wasps, Northern Paper Wasps, Mud Wasps, and Ground Digger Wasps.
  3. A fascinating thing about wasps is that they can recognize each other’s faces by reading unique facial patterns on each other.
  4. There are two types of wasps- the social wasps and the solitary wasps. Both of the wasps have different stinging features. Social wasp stings for self-defense purposes to protect its nest. On the other hand, a solitary wasp has venom in its stinger specifically used for hunting.
  5. A wasp’s nest is made up of paper. The interesting fact is that the wasps make paper on their own to build their nest. They make the paper by chewing and spitting bark.
  6. Only female wasps develop stingers because they are involved in activities such as egg-laying. Male wasps don’t create stingers because their primary functions don’t require protection.
  7. Wasps are logical to an extent. Research shows that they can use their logic by processing different pieces of information into data immediately, that is why wasps respond so quickly.
  8. Wasps come in a wide range of colors, from red to blue to black. This makes them a beautiful species, but don’t get too close!
  9. There are some plants that wasps do not like, such as citronella, thyme, eucalyptus, etc.
  10. Most people don’t realize that wasps are helpful in pest control. A wasp can eat many common pests, saving a lot of your time and money from paying expenses for other pest control.
  11. Wasp’s nests are only used from spring until autumn. They cannot survive even in mild winter conditions.
  12. The venom entered into the human body through the wasp’s sting can be fatal, especially if you have an unknown allergy to bee stings. If you get stung by a wasp, you should consult a doctor within 24 hours to treat the sting.
  13. Like honeybees, wasps do not tend to swarm.
  14. Wasps feed their young larvae bits of insects.
  15. A wasp only lives 12-22 days.


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