Preventing Skylight Leaks in Residential Roofing

Skylights are an exquisite addition to any home as they add natural light to your residence and give your interior an elegant look. When properly installed and maintained, skylights can give the interior of your home a more spacious look, eliminate winter blues, and lower your energy usage and utility bills.


While skylights are a great addition to any home, they can cause significant water damage if they leak. Properly installing and maintaining your skylight is vital to the integrity of your roof and your home. Skylight leaks can be catastrophic and lead to excessively high costs in repairs.


Talk to your local roofer before installing your skylight to ensure it’s the right option for your budget. If you already have a skylight installed, make sure to have annual inspections and routine maintenance to prevent major leaks.


Tips to Prevent Skylight Leaks in Residential Roofing


There are several steps you can take to prevent skylight leaks in residential roofing. Talk to your local roofer to ensure they’ve taken the following measures to protect the integrity of your roof with skylight installation:


  • Apply roofing cement to seal any gaps or holes inside the flashing around your skylight.
  • Apply 100% silicone caulking to the interior of your home to seal the skylight lens properly.


Take the following precautions to prevent skylight leaks:


1.   Ensure Adequate Ventilation


Moisture buildup is the most significant cause of skylight leaks. Moisture can build up on your roof from storms or high humidity. Since hot air rises, you may also notice excess condensation inside your skylight from hot temperatures inside and cold outside. Talk to your local roofer about steps you can take to prevent moisture from causing your skylight to leak.


2.   Install Roof Deck Protection


Be sure that your roofer installs proper flashing to protect your roof and seal the interior of your home when installing your skylight. If not properly installed, water can make its way into cracks and leak into your home. Installing the proper roof deck protection will also extend the life of your roof.


3.    Skylight Roof Maintenance


Proper roof care is crucial for all types of roofing. It is even more critical when you have skylights. Routine maintenance can check for minor issues, ice dams, and other problems that leave you more susceptible to skylight leaks. Have your roof inspected after significant storms. If you sense a problem between maintenance checks, call your roofer immediately before it escalates into considerable damage.


4.   Check Your Sealant


Most skylights are sealed around the perimeter with a special product that is airtight, so moisture can’t seep through. Make sure your roofer adds this sealant to the inside and outside of your skylight. Since sealant can break down over time, make sure to have it checked before leaks occur.


A leaky skylight can cost you thousands of dollars in interior repairs. Preventing skylight leaks in residential roofing doesn’t just save you money; it saves you the headaches of repairs. Roofer in Moreno Valley.


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