Time to Call a Plumber: A Homeowner’s Guide to Plumbing Sounds

Most homeowners take their working plumbing system for granted until a problem occurs. As soon as a problem arises, most residential plumbing customers quickly understand the importance of plumbing system maintenance. One of the most common indications of a plumbing problem is unusual sounds.


Plumbing noises are almost always a red flag, from minor to significant noises. You should be aware of common plumbing noises to know when to call a professional plumber for service. Let’s discuss


Common Plumbing Noises


Understand these plumbing noises and their causes to avoid severe plumbing issues:


1.   Rumbling


Sediment accumulation in your water heater is a common cause of rumbling sounds. As the internal mechanism warms up your water, the sediment heats up as well. The residue stirs around in the water in the tank, causing turbulence and rumbling noises that indicate there is a problem.


2.   Vibrating Sounds


Frequent vibrating noises often indicate a sign that there’s a problem with your fill valve or your water pressure is too high. When water travels through your pipes, it can cause a slight vibrating sound. Loose pipes are often the source of vibrating sounds. If you notice vibrating sounds, you should either install new straps or tighten the pipes’ mounting straps to improve their safety.


3.   Whistling


Listen for whistling noises when you open the tank lid. If you hear a whistling sound near a toilet, the toilet valve is most likely leaking. If there is a broken valve or a substantial leak, a plumber can modify the mechanism to silence the noise or replace the valve.


4.   Hissing


High water pressure produces a hissing noise that occurs when you open your faucets gently. If hissing sounds arise, contact your local water provider to find out if there’s an issue with your water pressure in your area. If the problem is contained in your own system, you need to contact a local plumber to fix the problem.


5.   Banging


Loose pipes can bang against surrounding walls or floors, creating a banging noise. The pipes expand and contract as hot and cold water passes through them, causing them to collide with adjacent objects. It may be as simple as fastening the lines to solve the issue.


6.   Gurgling


When you hear gurgling from your toilets or drains, it’s most likely because something obstructs the water’s flow. Gurgling sounds often occur as water tries to escape from your pipes. If your drains are gurgling, make an appointment with a professional for a solution.


7.   Whining


If you hear a screaming or whining sound when you turn on your faucets, one of your plumbing components is likely loose or damaged. Replacing your faucet is the simplest method to address the problem.


Since some plumbing noises can be signs of a significant problem, you should contact a reliable plumber immediately to inspect your plumbing system if you notice unusual noises.


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