Tips to Avoid Surprise Moving Charges

Moving to a new location can be an expensive process, especially if you don’t plan. Still, even if you have everything planned out perfectly, unforeseen costs can come up during your move. If you’ve hired a moving company to assist you with your relocation, you would be surprised by some unexpected additional moving fees.


Prepare yourself – both financially and psychologically – for any hidden moving expenses and charges so you can plan your moving budget adequately. Let’s discuss some great tips to avoid hidden moving charges when you hire a moving company.


5 Tips to Avoid Hidden Moving Charges


If you want to avoid hidden moving charges, follow these tips:


1.   Discuss Everything with Your Movers


Before moving day, talk to your movers about everything in your contract. Make sure to go over everything in your moving agreement to avoid hidden charges. It’s essential to discuss packing fees, furniture assembly and disassembly, and potential loading issues with your movers. If you discuss any potential problems ahead of time, you won’t be surprised by extra charges.


2.   Don’t Change Your Plan


Be sure to discuss all location and moving plan details in advance. Don’t add additional stops along your route. Changing your destination or route can easily result in extra costs, especially if you require more than two stops. You should also avoid adding changes to your plan. If you have necessary modifications, you need to discuss them with your mover ASAP to avoid unexpected charges.


3.   Ask for Written Estimates


The best way to avoid unexpected moving charges is to ask for your estimate in writing. A written estimate binds your mover to the agreed-upon price regardless of what happens. While there are exceptions, a written estimate gives you peace of mind that your moving costs will not change suddenly during the process.


4.   Pack Yourself


While some moving companies offer full-service relocations, which include packing, most charge extra for packing services. You will have to pay more if you hire experts to pack your belongings. While packing does take time, it is a fantastic alternative for those who don’t have the money to hire a packing service.


If you do hire a service, ask about supplies. Many companies will charge for the packing materials used in addition to the time spent on the job. If you’re on a budget, pack yourself to avoid these expenses. You should also be sure to pack everything effectively. If you don’t pack everything the right way, the movers may charge you extra for packing and materials.


5.   Ask About Furniture Disassembly and Re-Assembly Fees


Before you sign the contract, ask about furniture assembly and disassembly. If your company charges extra fees, handle your furniture assembly and disassembly yourself. Take care of beds, sofas, dressers, and wardrobes disassembly on your own to avoid these hidden fees. If you don’t have the right tools or the time, discuss the costs in advance. Make sure they are written into your contract before you sign. If you plan to move, you need reliable, professional Moreno Valley movers to take the stress out of the process. Contact Redlands Moving Company to schedule your move!


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